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Who We Are

At Kiddies Korner, we are focused on providing good quality childcare within a warm,safe and happy environment,in which children are encouraged to develop their skills at a pace suited to them

We will do everything we can to work in partnership with you to ensure we meet your child's individual needs.

We do this by providing resources guided and planned by your child's interests and stage of development,using information provided by you, your child and observations their key person.

Why Us?

As a team we understand the importance of our role in encouraging children to grow in confidence whilst developing a variety of skills to prepare them for their journey into school.

We encourage children to "have a go" "problem solve","negotiate" and "try new experiences" with a very strong emphasis on "Learning through Play".

We work closely with you to ensure we support all children, if needed we will work with outside agencies such as Speech and Language Therapists or Occupational Therapists which enables us to meet the needs of all.

All staff are DBS checked and are First Aid trained .

We are committed to provide continuous quality care for your children, and staff regularly attend training to ensure our practice remains current.

We are all very aware of the importance of confidentiality, families can support us by turning off mobile phones when in the setting (we will not allow you to use them) and by not posting any photos that include other children or staff onto any social media sites.


Every child will be allocated a keyperson who will work with families to arrange settling in visits, find out important information about your child's likes, dislikes, routines etc, observe, and plan activities and keep records of your child's development.

Each keyperson works with a buddy which helps children to get to know familiar adults in the event of holidays or illness. 


Our most recent news letters can be found here. Please click on the links below to read them

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