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Welcome to Kiddies Korner Nursery. 

We have been established in Headington Quarry Village Hall since 1974.

Set in a central location opposite a park and near to a woodland walk we are close to local schools,hospitals, Brookes University.and the local ring road.

We are led by our experienced Management team who are supported by their Senior Staff and practitioners.

Together they use their skills and knowledge to work in partnership with families to plan a challenging, interesting and achievable curriculum aimed at allowing all children to develop at a pace suited to them.

As a team we recognise the importance of building strong partnerships with our families which enables us to support all children in every area of learning.

The ethos of Kiddies Korner is based upon your children developing their skills to become confident, independent,inquisitive, individuals willing to accept challenge and boundaries as they extend their knowledge to prepare for their next step into school life.

We understand these skills are far easier to learn when your child is feeling happy and secure within their environment .

Therefore all activities at Kiddies Korner are planned with a strong emphasis on allowing and encouraging children to LEARN THROUGH PLAY.  

Ofsted Information

We are registered with our Local Education authority.

Our Ofsted Registration No is EY366264 and our current rating from November 2015 is GOOD.

We are also members of The Pre School Learning Alliance.

Click here to view our Ofsted report.


Children play within a mixed age range from 2 -5 years..

The environment includes the following areas role play , literacy, creative maths, tactile ,sensory , small build, ICT , puzzles and games and snack area.

We also have a large garden with built in sand pit a grassed area and tarmac enabling children to explore their physical skills

We work closely with families to identify any areas where children may require additional support .

We have access to many outside agencies who support us with any training needs, providing information for families and maintaining our standard of care.

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